• My New Chili

    There is still enough cold and damp weather left here in West Tennessee to make me want something to eat that will warm me up. My chili really does that! For years and years, I made a “not so homemade” version of chili using a prepackaged mix, the kind with a bunch of different spices in individual packets and it was always just so-so tasting.

  • Welcome

           Welcome friends! This is my 1st post so let me introduce myself. I am the  Grandnanny to 3 little pieces of my heart that I call my Grandarlings , but you can call me Teresa. By the popular demand of a very supportive Hubby, some great family members and a faithful group friends , I have decided to open my life up to the blog universe.  My world revolves around 3 fun things : healthy living, my family and where to go to have fun! I want to share some of these good times with you.      Healthy living came in to the picture for me when I found myself…