How I Use Meal Planning to Save Us Money While doing the Ultimate Portion Fix/21 Day Fix!

When I started my weight loss journey with the 21 Day Fix it meant a radical change in what I was eating, but I still had a Hubby to cook for and we help to cook for his mother and stepdad some days. I had to take the All American diet that they were used to eating and give it a remake so I wouldn’t have to cook 2 separate meals. I started “fixing” my normal everyday kind of foods.

I “fixed” my cheeseburgers with ground round and whole wheat buns or I eat them salad style…sloppy joes too. I “fixed” my spaghetti sauce (recipe soon)  and serve zoodles or whole wheat noodles to me. I “fixed” my chili/soups/stews. Here is my “fixed” chili recipe…  I use my chili to make a copycat version of a Wendy’s Taco Salad too!

I “fixed” my taco meat by using spices instead of those salty packets and I serve them with lots of veggies and light on the cheese for me on either corn tortillas or just as a salad. If I fry my Hubby’s chicken, I just bake mine. Investing in a big assortment of spices keeps me from getting bored with it! I love my Flavor God spice assortment because it is all low sodium. Here is a Refer a Friend link and a Coupon Code TERESACATWZD 
I only try 1 new recipe a week so I don’t blow our food budget on something they won’t eat. So I often cook a new recipe for me for lunches to try it out first.  I also keep taco meat on hand 24/7  for me in the freezer, for snacks or meals, in case they want something that I just can NOT “fix”, cuz I can eat tacos every day!!

The 21 Day Fix encourages “planning and prepping” so that you will have good choices ready when it is time to eat. I cook daily so I don’t precook a bunch of stuff but I do prep. I prep veggies for my salads. I make my starch/yellows ahead like baking some sweet potatoes or making my pasta/brown rice. I might make a soup or chili to last for lunches all week and just have a different supper every night. I use Thursday as my “leftovers” night and that helps me clean out the fridge and see what needs to be used up on the weekend or before I go back to the grocery store. Going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning is a way we get fresh local stuff at a decent price! Check out more about that here in this post…
When I am planning my meals for the day I tend to plan supper 1st because it uses the most containers, and then I plan lunch. Last I plan breakfast and a snack if I need to. Planning has REALLY helped bring our food budget down and that is always a good thing! Our grocery sales papers come out on Wednesday each week. I have 2 freezers so that I can shop sale prices and get multiple servings of something when it is at a good price. That makes it easier to plan because I am not limited to what the stores have on sale that week. As a mother/housewife, I have had to meal plan for YEARS. I had to at the very least know in the morning what we were going to have for supper that night. So I just think of it as doing it on a weekly scale. On Sunday, I make a Mon-Wed meal plan for suppers. I make my breakfast and lunch very simple, soup/salad/sandwich being heavy on the greens and reds for the Fix. After I take stock my fridge and pantry on Thursday (leftovers night), I make a plan for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Having something like Surf and Turf on the weekend feels like a cheat meal but it truly isn’t one. We grill everything…meat, veggies, fish, and even fruit. I love grilled pineapple and peaches!

I make it Mexican Night

or Italian Night sometimes too!

I save us money and at the same time avoid all the sodium that comes with restaurant food too! I have lost 55lbs eating this way! Never feeling deprived of anything!!

My main message is to ALWAY have a plan. Sometimes I am so BUSY that I can only plan for 2 days at a time……….today and tomorrow, but I still have a plan! And that PLAN is going to save you MONEY!!

Cuz a goal without a plan, is just a wish……….

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