How To Use Your 2B Mindset Tracker To Get Your Best Results

Many of you know that I lost 55lbs in 2017. I worked hard with the 21 Day Fix, a Beachbody program to achieve those results. Here is some information that a blogger friend of mine wrote about the program,  I call this collage “4 birthdays”. It took me about 9 months or 12 “rounds” on the FIX to get it done! I have reached the clothes sized I wanted to be and stopped trying to lose any more weight. I have been in “maintenance” for the most part for 9 months now. We have had 2 vacations back to back where we were gone 16 out of 35 days. ( if you do the math for 3 meals per day you get 48 meals “out”) I have some “pounds” to take back off. I know the 21 Day Fix works and can do it anytime I want. But recently Beachbody came out with a new nutrition plan called the 2B Mindset, here is some information from my blogger friend on the whole program

So I decided to get the program and give it a whirl! One of the very 1st things you realize is there is going to be a tracker in your life… tracking everything you eat and drink. I was fine with that because I did track on the 21 Day Fix to help me keep up with everything that was working. Doing it for 2B is essential for your weight loss journey. After tracking for a few days I wondered what I was going to do with this information??

Well, we went on a long weekend to see my stepson’s new house, and on the long car ride, I was able to watch the creator of The 2B Mindset, Ilana Muhlstein’s YouTube video about using your tracker to tweak your results on 2B.

She was making a list of these 8 things as she went along. I thought I would put them in writing so that I can refer to them easier and thought that Y’all might like the list too!


1. Ilana will ask to see your tracker 1st before she asks you anything or you get a chance to give her reasons why you are not losing. The tracker tells her everything she wants to know. So MAKE SURE you are tracking every single thing. Every bite of food and every drop of water. She wants to see 3 weeks(lol 21 days) of the DETAILED tracker!

2. She wants you to look at your weekly weight loss. Your daily scale number is just immediate feedback for your plate the next day. Your weekly weight loss number is the most important scale number. You are striving for ONLY a 2 lb loss at a time. Don’t lose sight of that.

3. THERE IS NO PERFECT ….”I am doing it “perfect’ and I am not losing weight. There is no PERFECT. If you are not losing 2 lbs consistently then you are not doing it right, but there is no perfect. What is perfect for me won’t be perfect for you.

4. There should be NO open-ended tracking….do NOT write down words like ‘grapes”. When you eat grapes write down the EXACT amount you ate ’10 grapes” and she even suggests NOT eating open-ended foods, instead of grapes she will eat 1 apple or 1 pear so that she can just track 1. You HAVE to write down an amount for every food you eat!!!!

5. TRACK your water!! EVERY DROP!!

6. She recommends ONLY 3 meals per day. Period. “How many times of eating are in your day??”… is a serious question Ilana will ask. She wants to see 3 meals ideally. If she sees more than 3 eating times per day she wants to know WHY? Your meals are supposed to be filling and last you till the next meal time! The ONLY time you get to have that mid-afternoon snack is if you are truly HUNGRY. Are you eating out of HABIT or HUNGER?

7. Is there RESTAURANT food in your tracker?? “Restaurant foods are tricky,” she says. Why? the SODIUM. She suggests that you NOT eat out very often while you are in ‘weight loss mode”. And more often than not, EXPECT a gain.

8. Meal timing. No 2 people have the same schedule but if she sees you eating late in the evening she is going to what to know “why?” Dinner and done cannot be late at night. For shift workers/everyone she suggests 10 or more hours between dinner and breakfast, most of that is spent sleeping!

I hope this information helps you on your journey. Here is the link to the video I watched


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