Our Long Weekend in Illinois

We love to travel, but that is not new. Sometimes it is vacation days filled with fun and sun. Other times we just go to visit family in different parts of the country. A couple of weekends ago we did just that. We went to Rockford, IL to visit our son Tyler and his girlfriend, Abby. They have just recently bought their first home and we went to see it for the 1st time!

It is a 10-hour drive from here in Tennessee to Rockford. We travel thru Missouri’s bootheel to St. Louis and cross into Illinois there. We crisscross the Mississippi River a few times in the days’ travels.  This part of the country is in the heart of the old Route 66 Highway.

One of the rest areas on the Interstate commemorates the Route 66 era. Funk’s Maple Grove was along the route, where people would stop and picnic on their travels. They had some cute metal sculptures depicting the picnicking. That is one of our favorite things to do… I have an entire post about just that http://grandnannyshouse.com/lets-picnic/

We even stumbled on a place that reminded me of my childhood travels along Interstate 40 which crosses the old Route 66 highway often. Climbing out of our station wagon to romp across a hot parking lot to play on hot concrete “toys” will forever be burned in my mind (and my feet, LOL) 


Once we got to Rockford we started having some real fun though! Started out with a game of mini-golf…cuz mini-golf!! At http://www.volcanofalls.com/  A fun little course with plenty of laughs to be had! There were 4 of us playing. It was a little hot for Illinois but that just made a cold beer go down a little better that afternoon!

But the reason we went THIS weekend was for a certain event…

The World Famous Trailer Races! Anything you can strap on a trailer or just a trailer itself demolition derby, last man standing racing……..it made for some hilarious moments. From the very fist when a guy hauling a boat lost it while getting onto the track and the next guy coming out just pushed the boat out onto the track with his truck! All the way till the end when a couple of drivers hooked together and they couldn’t separate and they let the fans choose the winner. I just bet it took them a week to clean up the mess…… if you are ever in the are here is the info for the track http://rockfordspeedway.com/

Night time didn’t lend itself to very many good pictures. Well, that and the trips to the concession stand. They had some AMAZING junk food, with a few healthy options sprinkled in, so I was able to eat some good stuff and have just a few bites of Hubby’s junky stuff LOL Afterall it is all about balance, right?!?

I hope we get to visit the area again this fall when the leaves are at their peak and spend the weekend doing fun fall things! We love to travel when the weather cools off.

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