• Our Long Weekend in Illinois

    We love to travel, but that is not new. Sometimes it is vacation days filled with fun and sun. Other times we just go to visit family in different parts of the country. A couple of weekends ago we did just that. We went to Rockford, IL to visit our son Tyler and his girlfriend, Abby. They have just recently bought their first home and we went to see it for the 1st time! It is a 10-hour drive from here in Tennessee to Rockford. We travel thru Missouri’s bootheel to St. Louis and cross into Illinois there. We crisscross the Mississippi River a few times in the days’ travels. …

  • How I Use Meal Planning to Save Us Money!

    When I started my weight loss journey with the 21 Day Fix it meant a radical change in what I was eating, but I still had a Hubby to cook for and we help to cook for his mother and stepdad some days. I had to take the All American diet that they were used to eating and give it a remake so I wouldn’t have to cook 2 separate meals. I started “fixing” my normal everyday kind of foods.

  • Farmers Market Fun

    Look what we came home with the other morning!! Here in West Tennessee, we have local Farmer’s Markets open this time of year. On Saturday morning one of our favorite things to do is to venture off to one of them. Buying healthy wares and getting a good walk in the cool of the morning is really fun. Especially when the Tennessee heat gets so bad in the afternoon!

  • Panama City Beach, Florida Fun!

    While on vacation in Orlando this year we got tired of running around. We love Disney World but we are older now and 8 days of fun really took its toll on us…..enter my plan. We left Orlando on a Thursday and headed for the only dry beach in Florida that weekend. Panama City Beach. I called it a “vacation from our vacation” LOL.

  • How To Use Your 2B Mindset Tracker To Get Your Best Results

    Many of you know that I lost 55lbs in 2017. I worked hard with the 21 Day Fix, a Beachbody program to achieve those results. Here is some information that a blogger friend of mine wrote about the program, https://mycrazygoodlife.com/what-is-the-21-day-fix/  I call this collage “4 birthdays”. It took me about 9 months or 12 “rounds” on the FIX to get it done! I have reached the clothes sized I wanted to be and stopped trying to lose any more weight. I have been in “maintenance” for the most part for 9 months now. We have had 2 vacations back to back where we were gone 16 out of 35 days. ( if you do the math for 3…

  • Grilling is an Art Form in the South!

    Beautiful afternoons here in West Tennessee mean we are probably going to grill. When I plan the menu there are plenty of healthy options…but when Hubby gets his hands on it, he piles if full of that “other stuff” LOL My featured photo proves that……. healthy chicken breasts surround by all that “meat”!

  • Disney World Food Fun!

    On our recent trip to the Orlando area, we attended the International Flower and Garden Festival at Disney Worlds Epcot park. The flowers, gardens, and topiaries were AMAZING! But anyone who has been or is going to the festival knows that a huge part of the “draw” is the food kiosks set up around the World Showcase. This year there were 15 of them in addition to the normal food options there. You could start your journey with their festival booklet, which listed all of the foods, topiaries, and gardens so you could make sure to see everything! And we still didn’t see everything! I started our trip around the world with…

  • Our Flower and Garden Festival Trip

    Going to Orlando is a big vacation for us. We do long weekends or day trips most summers but occasionally we get 2 weeks away from home and when we do Orlando is our FAVORITE destination. The Fower and Garden Festival was going on in Disney World at Epcot and we needed a real break so we took a full 12 days this year! And did we ever have FUN!!

  • Let’s Picnic!

    Now that spring is officially here Hubby and I have started getting out of the house and going on hikes. When there are hikes involved, picnics can’t be far behind. One of the parks we like to spend time in is about 10 miles from our house, Chickasaw State Park. Beautiful spring flowers are springing up everywhere! The woods are full of dogwood and redbud trees in bloom. There is a sea of green breaking out in all the trees (and waves of pollen are following…) The state has drained most of the water out of the lake so that they can rebuild the bridge across it. All of us…

  • Spaghetti Squash

    In learning a new way of eating, I have had to learn about new foods. Case in point: The Spaghetti Squash. I had never heard of it… or if I had heard the name I had no idea what it was. Buying one was daunting. As you can see in my picture I wanted one that would fit in my Instant Pot. (I use my Instant Pot for much faster prepping times for things like this the most.) 1 Whole spaghetti squash no longer than 8″ long at room temperature, punctured with a knife a few times and add 1 cup of water to your pot and set it on…