Easter Glow Party

This has been a wet spring so far and Easter weekend wasn’t any different! It was an early Easter and so that almost always means cold too. Sure enough, we had to hunt eggs with our coats on.

I usually have some kind of an egg hunt for my Grandarlings but some of them are getting bigger and so it is getting harder to plan a party that a 14-year-old boy and his 10-year old sister AND their 3-year old cousin can enjoy together.

My dilemma was what kind of a party will appeal to all of them and a few of their cousins?? A nighttime GLOW HUNT seemed like the way to go…and I was right!!

With glow bracelets, we marked clusters of candy-filled eggs but off from them in the darkness hid the money and prize eggs. Everyone got a bucket and a flashlight. The 3 youngest kids were kept in the “safe” front yard. Where I had some pretty lights strung as decorations, glow balloons and safety lights for our littlest one to wear on their arms so we could always see them. The 3 biggest ones ran all over the rest of my 1/2 acre in the pitch black dark!

After they “finished”, I took a count of the prize eggs and realized they had missed a whole bunch of eggs! So back out they went screaming and running…! We had a grownup we put in charge of only those eggs who went to check and sure enough, they had to go back and hunt a third time!!The egg-idence is proof of the fun and I have a 14-year old that swears he will ALWAYS hunt eggs if it is always this fun!!!! Nighttime didn’t lend itself to very many pictures but my Edison lights (kind of egg-shaped) made for cool special effects!

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