• Our Long Weekend in Illinois

    We love to travel, but that is not new. Sometimes it is vacation days filled with fun and sun. Other times we just go to visit family in different parts of the country. A couple of weekends ago we did just that. We went to Rockford, IL to visit our son Tyler and his girlfriend, Abby. They have just recently bought their first home and we went to see it for the 1st time! It is a 10-hour drive from here in Tennessee to Rockford. We travel thru Missouri’s bootheel to St. Louis and cross into Illinois there. We crisscross the Mississippi River a few times in the days’ travels. …

  • Farmers Market Fun

    Look what we came home with the other morning!! Here in West Tennessee, we have local Farmer’s Markets open this time of year. On Saturday morning one of our favorite things to do is to venture off to one of them. Buying healthy wares and getting a good walk in the cool of the morning is really fun. Especially when the Tennessee heat gets so bad in the afternoon!

  • Panama City Beach, Florida Fun!

    While on vacation in Orlando this year we got tired of running around. We love Disney World but we are older now and 8 days of fun really took its toll on us…..enter my plan. We left Orlando on a Thursday and headed for the only dry beach in Florida that weekend. Panama City Beach. I called it a “vacation from our vacation” LOL.

  • Easter Glow Party

    This has been a wet spring so far and Easter weekend wasn’t any different! It was an early Easter and so that almost always means cold too. Sure enough, we had to hunt eggs with our coats on. I usually have some kind of an egg hunt for my Grandarlings but some of them are getting bigger and so it is getting harder to plan a party that a 14-year-old boy and his 10-year old sister AND their 3-year old cousin can enjoy together. My dilemma was what kind of a party will appeal to all of them and a few of their cousins?? A nighttime GLOW HUNT seemed like the…

  • Welcome

           Welcome friends! This is my 1st post so let me introduce myself. I am the  Grandnanny to 3 little pieces of my heart that I call my Grandarlings , but you can call me Teresa. By the popular demand of a very supportive Hubby, some great family members and a faithful group friends , I have decided to open my life up to the blog universe.  My world revolves around 3 fun things : healthy living, my family and where to go to have fun! I want to share some of these good times with you.      Healthy living came in to the picture for me when I found myself…